Faculty - Singapore Ch 5 Upcoming Drama

Annisa.mom Yeay.. There is an upcoming drama in Channel 5 : Faculty. The Premiere will be on Monday 27 of Febuary 2017. The airing schedulle will be the same as channel 5 last prime time drama P.I, every monday to thursday for one hour.

So far, what I get from toggle, Faculty is a 20-episode drama series, set in a highly-respected private tertiary institution, depicting the never before seengoings-on of the world of University life, exploring the psyche, mindsets, public, private, secret and not so secret life of the students and the faculty. All united in common goal : to be the best or at leat to be perceived to be the best.

The premise is about the struggles of a University student, CK (Joel Choo) a high-achieving but arrogan national swimmer who competes with another swimmer for the affections of the popular Desiree (Sofia Dendroff).  

There are also some familiar faces for me such as Foo Fang Rong (the Hush), Aaron Mossandeg (Tanglin) and Keagan Kang.

"What would you do to get good grades?"

"Can you handle the pressure?"   

I'm so excited to wait for this upcoming drama, even part of me worry that I couldn't watch Mediacorp channel 5 after they switch of their analouge channels. Hopefully my cable television  provider will still be able to broadcast Mediacorp channels after 1st of March, so I could enjoy this new drama *fingercrossed*

UPDATE 28 FEB 2017

the teachers :

The Boys

The Girls

My two cents about the first two episodes:
So many familiar faces. 
So far, my favourite character is Za, Danial (he's kinda funny) and Prof. Cheryl.
The story still in development but I enjoyed how they introducing the character and their personas.