Lion Mom Season 2

Lion Mom Seasons2 Around 2 years ago, I was in love with a prime time drama in Singapore' Channel 5: Lion Mom. The title itself has two meaning as Singapore is a Lion City slash country, and the other is a "pun" as in have you been heard about "tiger parenting"? Hence there is also a lion parenting type, fierce and strong but also caring at the same time. We know in the animal kingdom, that the female lion a.k.a the mom also the breadwinner and have to hunt for feeding their family.

The story revolved around 3 best friends. They were very close to each other, yet they were in the different stage of life. The bottom line, they were also a mother. The show highlighted in the hope and aspirations of Singaporean mothers, and how they raise their children. As a mother (a new one at that time), I felt very related to the story. I believe the other mother will also do the same, planning and doing whatever it takes for the better future of their children.

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The 12-episode serial broadcasted every Monday at 10 pm (21.00 WIB) from 14th September 2015. An hour long episode featured the trio moms, and here I want to re-introduce you with them:

1. Jennifer Tan (Bernice Liu, a wuxia international stars, singer, model)
At the beginning of the story, she was the perfect mom, maybe way too perfect. Beautiful, smart, rich and very popular. One day, she threw a wonderful birthday party for her second child. At the party, her husband, a successful business man named Richard Lee (Max Loong), try to seduce the planned to perform standing princess. This resulted in her breakdown, she regretted her decision quitted her Job as an anchor in order to take care of her 15-year-old son --Jeremy Lee (Scott Hillyard)-- and 6-year-old daughter --Ada Lee (Alexandra Tan).Then, she cheated even without her consent. This situation got worse when her husband business failed, Jeremy rebellious acted, and she considered to leave Singapore for good.
I surprised, Bernice Liu eager to join this drama. She was moved in Singapore during 3 months shooting period.Their family was the picture perfect family but rotten inside. 

2. Durrani (Nurul Aini, an actress, presenter, business woman)
 A strong career-minded lawyer tried to juggle work and family. She is blessed with a very supportive husband, Reza Ali (Fir Rahman), who does everything he can for the wife and the daughter while the wife puts her efforts in her legal career. Her only child is a girl name Nabilah (Dayang Nurbalqis), looked like her duplicate: ambitious and all she wanted was to make her mother and father proud. 
This is my favorite family. even the father is a soldier, he had to spend more time with her daughter more than his wife. They chemistry were so good and they were very romantic and funny. 

3. Min Yi (Vanessa Vanderstraaten, an actress, host, model)
A single mother, Jennifer's cousin who got pregnant at the age of 18. Her wealthy father was very angry and cut her from the family. After 6 years struggled to raise her only child, a boy named Kai (Keller Teh), she ended has to shared a room with a young man named Peng Koo (Russel Ong). At the same time her ex-boyfriend --Marcus Lim (Joshua Tan), came back to the city after studied medic abroad. Min Yi is confused to choose between the two man, Peng whose very close to Kai, but had no proper job or Marcus, a medical doctor and Kai's biological father.
I adore Min Yi strength. I hope she chooses Peng over Marcus.


In the first season, the main theme was how to get the 3 children accepted into the must-have-get-in primary school. I didn't really understand about Singapore educational system, but somehow, I felt very curious about it. How the mother has to do a "parent volunteer" (parent did something to school to get their child accepted, such as become traffic controller in front of the school road, etc), even considered to move to the same area with the school location (maybe equivalent to the "Rayon" system in Indonesia)

Then, the cliffhanger was Kai hit by a car while the other 2 moms looked up the school registration lottery. I was one of the fans that keep asking about the 2nd seasons. Fast forward 2 years, I've heard this programs already has filmed the 2nd season. Yeay!! Can't wait! Meanwhile, I'll re-watch the first season every Mon-Fri at 11.00 pm (22.00 WIB).

Update First Impression :
Lion Mums show is on Monday to Thursday at 10.00 PM (21.00 WIB). Sadly Peng was killed in the car accident. Jen and Dru still flawless and maybe both of them stop aging(?). And there is a new mom, Chae Lian with her 3 overachiever kids. Sounds very interesting!