The Hush (Singapore Tv Drama) : Road to Finale

The Hush is one of the primetime Singapore drama with English languange and Malay subtitle. It airs on Channel 5 on Monday at 21.00 WIB (8.00 PM Singapore time). As the 13 episodes drama will show the last episode next Monday, I like to share my impression about it. (I can't say this is a review because actually I've been missed some middle episodes).

First of all, I love the cast. Some of them are well known face, as I recognize them from the other dramas like Tanglin or Lion Mom. They are :
  • Tay Ping Hui as Thomas Teo, a debt collector, Velerie's husband and father of Clara and Keith
  • Carmen Soo as Valerie Teo, a make up artist, Thomas wife and Mother of Clara and Keith
  • Foo Fan Rong as Clara Teo, JC student, friend of Hafiz, try to imperaionate Selena in social media
  • Arthur Eu as Keith Teo, a primary student
  • Ariati as Syarifah, a civil servant with and one of sucessfull women in goverment to the public, Daud's wife and Hafiz's mother
  • Tony Eusoof as Daud, an ex army turn employee, Syarifah's husband and Hafiz's father
  • Asyhil Rashid as Hafiz, frriend of Clara and together they try to solve the misterious case.
  • Remesh Panicker as Nelson Kumar, an ex music teacher, his wife was deceased because of long term illness, teach guitar to Hafiz
  • Cassandra Sypkerman as Luisa, a Pinoy helper with nursing basic, work fo Jeremy and Yen Leng but live in Nelson condo
  • Jineteram as Jeremy Kumar, Nelson's son and Yen Leng's husband )an interacial marriage), had an affair with Selena, hiring Luisa to take care of his father and his deaceased mother
  • Esther Low as Yen Leng, Jeremy's wife and Nelson's daughter in law,
  • Sarah Lian as Selena, a new comer, rent Jeremy-Yen Leng condo
  • Jason Godfrey as Jaden, a famous artist, Velerie's ex boyfriend
  • Awad Salim as Adam, a night watch at the Hush condo
  • Shaquille Daniel as Zul, the misterious boy whose found dead in the Hush pool.
  • Shane Mardjuki as Ins. Koh, the police that lead the investigation of this case
  • Rajid Ahamed as Sgt. Krisnan, Ins. Koh partner.

I think they really fit their character as well. At the begining of the story my favorite actually Sarah Lian as Selena. She's so sexy, charming and has some misterious side. No wonder Jeremy fall for her. Carmen Soo still as beautiful as I remembered from many years ago. And Shaquille Daniel as Zul. He's probably the next big actor in S'pore. His looks is very haunting and I've been very sympathize with Zul character. As the story progress I also like Clara Teo character even with the shoplifting and suicide atempt things, she's just a good teenager inside.

The dialouge also well writen, some scene even didn't had any dialouge but still gave deep meaning. For example, few episodes earlier, when Nelson took Luisa hand and toghether they walked to his room. Very creepy yet melodramatic. Or on the last week episode, at the hospital when Jeremy tried to confort his wife, she refused without facing him and they cried together in silent.

The premise was very realistic, when a boy found dead at the pool of a condominium, the police will investigate. The investigation slowly reavel the life of the condo's residents. Their secret(s) and their relationship with their family and also their neighbours. (A really important thing nowadays, as I know, even Singapore's goverment try to get people in one neighbourhood to get along together). Slowly but sure, we, the audience, found out what happened on the night Zul death trough some flashback scenes.

Overall I think the Hush is a good drama with some mistery and thriller. I enjoy it, even at some point there so many 18+ scenes but I understand the necessity to develop the story. Now, I'm very curious to find out the truth behind everything. As the last scene of the last episode shown a pair of leg found Zul was floating in the pool without helped him. Can't wait to figure it out next Monday!