Blippi : One of the Best Educative Youtuber

Recently Ziqri always enjoy playing with my gadget. I know this is a bad habit. In the other hand, to avoid meaningless crying (and fighting Hoahahaha), sometimes I did allow him to play. But only with my supervision and to open some selected educational site or youtube video that I personally choose. One of his (or I can say our) Favorite youtuber is Blippi. 

Who is Blippi? 
Based on the official website : Blippi is an energetic and lovable character that jumps off the screen with his goofy mannerism but friendly demeanor.  He always use an orange and blue apparel, with funny hat, a blue shirt, an orange bow tie, an orange suspender and an orange mirrorless glasses. He targeted children age 2 to 7 years old. 

Blippi started as one man show, created by Stevin John. He is a creative entrepreneur with some background in brand development, digital content creator and online marketing.  He has been working as a dishwasher, courtesy clerk, waiter, air force c-17 load master, SEO specialist and cameraman. All of his job background added with his childhood memories as he grew up in a small town lead him to create Blippi. Now, with more than 400.000 subscriber and more than 500 millions hits, he got supported with some other talent such as mr.Singer (hehehe.. we don't know his real name, but he also use a black hat and tie)

Anyway, what we like about Blippi :
  • As an American's show (and I got my English lessons from LIA, an Indonesian-American Institute), I Could understand him better than some other youtuber, whom maybe a British or others. So, it has been easier for me to taught Ziqri with repeating together what he said.
  • Blippi's educational video has a wonderful original artwork, including some very good cartoons and songs!
  • Blippi's songs are very easy to remember especially for young kids, they consist of easy phrase and lyrics goes repeatable again and again.
  • Blippi has innovative teaching lessons and very interactive educational videos, so Ziqri can learn English word and other information in a fun way
  • Blippi's has so many videos and themes, mostly focusing in vehicle, something that Ziqri and the boys from his age from all around the world boys, adores very much.
  • Blippi has so many videos in different length, the duration span between 3 minutes to more than one hour (compilation videos)
  • We can reach him in so many flatforms, Blippi's official site included a digital download link, if you need to watch it without internet connection or we could open the Blppi apps in Google Play or Itunes
  • We can also watch him in Live action, so sad Indonesia do not included in his 2017 plan
  • Blippi also sell some merchandise such as his trademark apparel, book, t-shirt and plush doll with international shipping service and free shipping for USA with minimum order $50

I am glad that Blippi could help me to educate Ziqri in fun way. Ziqri has learned numbers, colours, shape, vehicle names and some alphabets in English thanks to Blippi. I hope Blippi will continue to producing so many good educational video ahead and Ziqri will continue to learn so much more from it. 

Here some examples of Blippi's Youtube Videos