Tanglin Goes 500 Episodes.

I can't even believe it my self, for the first time in my 'love-to-watch-tv' life, I still watch a daily drama for almost 500 episodes! 

Maybe because it is Tanglin

I love everything about it. The chemistry between the casts, the cinematography, the story which is still as juicy as ever, the lovely OST and the pack of loyal fans on twitter. 

Now, Tanglin is part of my life. As a full time mother, I could say that 30 minutes of Tanglin duration is my daily "Me Time". And please don't distrub me. Wkwkwkwk. Even my son already know, that his bedtime is at 08.00 pm (Indonesian time), right after Tanglin aired.

Congratulation for the casts and crews.
I hope we could bring Mike and Nadiah back for the special episode. 
Love, from Indonesia.