Ziqri 2,5 Years Old!!

Annisakih.com I can't believe how fast time flies. My son, Ziqri already 2,5 years old today! I'm just so incredibly thankful that I was chosen to be his Ibu. No matter sometimes (or all the time? Hoahahaha) he could become "degil" and drive me nuts, but for me, he always be my smartest, funniest and also the sweetest little guy I know. He definitely not a baby anymore, but still can be very demanding and got spoiled by me, his ayah, oma and Opa and his uncles and aunty.

Here are few (random) things I want to remember about him at age 2,5 :

  • His weight now 14,2 Kg! I didn't believe it myself when on January 16th his weight was 14 Kg. He used to very thin and his last weight that I could remember was when he at age 2 for only 12,5 Kg. Alhamdulillah, I'm very happy now he loves to eat and always eat full meal course at least twice a day. On the bad news is, I back to spoon feeding him rather than he eat his meal himself like before *sigh*
  • His height also raises significantly, on January 16th his height was 94 cm from 87 cm when he was 2 years old. He's kinda tall rather than other kids at the same age in our neighborhood.
  • He is very loud! And also a talkative person. He keeps talking and asking sooooo many questions! Such as "kenapa ... gitu, Bu?" "Kakaknya kenapa?' 
  • His English vocabulary maybe around 100, including numbers, shapes, colors, some alphabets (B, C, F, L, O, M, W), vehicle names, songs, and some other common word even "download" Hoahahaha. And he already understand some simple phrases such as "sit down, please" 
  • His favorite songs still "Indonesia Pusaka" and now he could sing it and "Indonesia Raya" for me, his Ayah, oma or opa, but never to other people.
  • He can spell "Alif, Ba, Ta, Tsa.." with the tunes from Upin Ipin song, but not really know the font (yet); some ayah from surah Al-Fatihah and could memorizes the before and after eating prayer, before sleep prayer and prayer for parent's
  • He still loves the vehicle, any kind of it! And loves to watch it live or from my gadget.
  • He started to like to draw or let's say.. asked me or his Opa to draw him something, usually vehicle like car, excavator, truck, etc. Well, Alhamdulillah Opa loves to do so and he also used to teach me how to draw. 
  • He started to learn how to read. He always pretends he is reading anything that he could find. Or he will yell the alphabets that he already knows out loud so I could correct him.
  • He is a fast learner, Alhamdulillah usually I only taught him once or twice and he already could remember it
  • On the bad side, he also a good observer, he could do what he shouldn't do (yet) like he knows how to switch on the right button to get my cellular data activated on my tablet because of his Ayah "accidentally" turned it off in front of him.
  • People always told us that he becoming more similar to his father rather than me (yeah, but his "pesek" nose sadly will never change! Hoahahahaha)
  • He still shies around new people, but at least he could go to play with his cousins, aunt, and uncle around our neighborhood without my company.
  • He loves playing with other kids whose actually bigger than him a couple of years. he always thinks that he also capable of doing something that they can do! Now, he asks me to teach him how to do "suit" because all of his friends could do it. 
  • When he falls or gets hurt then I or other people around him, take a pity and ask him "mananya yang sakit?" He'll answers immediately "gaklah, ga sakit, koq" Hoahahahaha
  • He loves climbing and jumping
  • He still loves our cats, even get one of them a new name : blacky
  • He still in potty training mode on. We can travel without a diaper in daylight. Horeee!!
  • He lost almost all of his teeth, my bad, he seldom brushes his teeth.
  • He loves cuddling and now always asked me to carry him like a baby again! OMG!
  • He loves his cousins, even sometimes he has so many weird ways to show it, such as kissed them nonstop or try to grab their feet.
  • He loves Disney's Cars as we plan to watch Cars 3 in June!
  • He loves Upin and Ipin, Maybe we could watch it 3 times a day! And He loves kak Ros the most Hoahahahaha
  • Sometimes he shows his tantrum, then I get mad at him and yelled and another bad thing possibly happened. Maybe I'm not such a good and patient mother, but I promise to improve my self-everyday, too
  • His nickname from me is "Kecici bird" (because of he used to call himself "Cici") and "bayi tuwek / tua" (because of his demeanor such a baby) Hoahahahaaa
There are million other things that I could write about him. Hopefully, I could remember all the best things about him all the time and stop to comparing him with other kids who look more calming and behave hoahahahaha..
Anyway, I'll always love you more than words can say, Ziqri! If someday you read this, I hope you realized how much loved and adored you are. And I'll make sure you know it every single day to the future ahead.

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