Tanglin, My latest Toughts

Tanglin, My latest Toughts

Because of some other things to do, I've been outdated few episodes of Tanglin. I try to get some catch-up, but very late to tweet it all, so here is my 50 cents about some arcs in recent episodes :

1. The Tongs
-OMG Vannesa! How could she ruin the long awaited wedding of Chris and Suzanne? I hope someone will find the truth about Gracie's father is not Ben, so their wedding never gonna happen. 
-Can't wait for Chris and Suzanne wedding day. I hope Suzanne's mother doesn't ruin their special day.
-Kinda sad, Eddie broke up, because they was cute together, especially when they shared laughter. Hope he'll find someone better and get better luck in camp
-the bubbly chef Adnan get a comeback to TCH! yeeaaay..Wish abang Zul get well soon, too.
-I'm not sure Joy's petition can change Peter Tay's mind. I also can't wait to TCH real movement, the new interior and etc will bring a new vibe to us, viewers too.

2. The Lims
-When will Xue Ling comeback? Isn't because she has to filmed some Chinese drama in channel 8?
And where's Mel? Yes, she got mentioned many times by the other characters, but more screen time please. I miss this mother-daughter duo.
-I love Jun Kai (with Diana), he's more cute when he in jealous mode. Hehehe. And I very surprised about the way Adam comfort him by said "the way Diana looked at you, make me wanna vomit! She loves you". Realy assuring as a real brother point of view.
-Sheila is definitely crazy ex-fiancee. I love, finally Jun Kai and Diana confronted her verbally and sealed with their kissed. On the other hand, she made Jun Kai-Diana relationship stronger, even Kwong San finally getting closer to Diana and her family, as they discussed after their plan to buy large amount of groceries so they will get cheaper price
-Bee Lie can prove she still an avid seller. I like she leaves her comfort zone to find a job. She and Wati's scene never failed to make me LOL
-I can understand why Mike (and Eddie) really mad at Mark's lie. It's could ruin other people lives as well, especially Pam as Mark's ex. I Hope after this Mark will stop lying at all.

3. The Rahmans
-I still miss Nadiah and happy to know she got engaged in England, even offscreen. Hhehehe.
-For a moment I was thinking, Izzy way too young to become Wafiq's potential love interest. But after few times get to know her, she seems mature enough. Can't wait until Wafiq falls for her so he can mend his broken heart.
-Rayyan is as cute as ever! More screen time please ;-)
-Sulaiman and Noorleena maybe will face a difficult time, when they find out about Pam fellings towards him.
-And for Amir, he's so lucky to have Salmah as his understanding aunty. He also so cute with Joy. #teamAjoy

4.The Bashkar
-So devastated about Arjun's cancer. Hope he'll survive. Can't imagine if something bad happening, 
-I don't know about Bashkar case, is it already settle? How about Tanya and Amir's past history?
-I can understand why Pam is very concern about Shruti and Shawn relationship, because Shawn seems so suspicious lately.
-Lathika has a new admirer! Squee.. Hope their relationship works.
-Joel please stop flirting with Meera, She already has strained relationship with her husband.
-last but not least, aw.. Pam?! How could you lay eyes in Sulaiman? He's married and a father, too. Ckckckckckck

Overall Tanglin still as juicy as usual. 

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