[How To] Go To BelakangPadang

Belakangpadang has its own historical records. Formerly, after Indonesia independence, Batam island was part of Belakangpadang. As the capital of subdistric, at that time Belakangpadang was the central of governance and also an importance port of commerce. This island also supporting Batam. This situation changed as the thrieving development of Batam Island. Nowadays, Belakangpadang is the part of Batam City Area Goverment.

Despite now Belakangpadang only a sub-district area, the island is still very popular among tourist. Most of them come to visit their distance relatives who lives in Belakangpadang. The rest, come to try the local food especially breakfast menu or simply just to figure out the rightfullness of the island very popular catchprase : "Belakangpadang Pulau Penawar Rindu" (the island which can soathe your longing heart). Yes, many people believed , once you came and stop by to this island, you will fallen in love. Then, if you have to leve, your heart will urging you to get back sometime later.

The Belakangpadang subdistrict consist of 108 small island. The bigest and most populated is Belakangpadang island. The native people is from Malay tribe. Their house mostly stand on seshore and even some of them locate into the sea. They work as fisherman and have a small boat called pompong/pancung.

As the time goes by, many new people come and stayed in Belakangpadang. This influenced the name of the area, such as Kampung Jawa (Javaness Village) or Kampung Bugis (Bugis Village). Everyday life is quite modest. The people always friendly and hepful.

To reach Belakangpadang island, tourist from Batam should go to Sekupang Domestic Harbour. There is a small pier next to it. We have to buy one way ticket of a small boat --called pompong or pancung-- for Rp 15.000,- each person. We should wait until there are 10-12 people. Then the ticket seller will give us code to enter (actually jump to) the boat. This require a little bravery and good balance, but you'll be fine as long as you keep be careful. You can also book the boat for Rp 120.000,- one way. For islander who have to mobile between the two islands in daily basis,  there is also a bigger boat that could carry 50-70 people. Monthly ticket are Rp 300.000,- for adult and Rp 200.000,- for student. While being on that boat, we can enjoy the view of Sngapore skycraper. When the weather v is vry clear we can recognize some of the popular buildings such as Marina By Sa